Trees and Wreaths Quilt


Hi Bakers!  I am Lisa Jo Girodat of Neverlandstitches and I am back on here Moda Bake Shop to share another new quilt pattern.

I hope that everyone had as much fun during the Summer QAL, At the Seashore as the Bakeshop Chefs did.  It’s sad that it is over but in case you are done and looking for that next project, I think I have a fun quick one for you.  The individual blocks would also make a darling table runner or mini to hang on a wall.

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At the Seashore – Beach Houses

Hi, Bake Shop Bakers!  I’m Lisa Jo Girodat of Neverlandstitches by Lisa Jo.   I am so excited to be here for the At the Seashore Quilt Along!

I live in Michigan, The Great Lakes State, and grew up less than 5 miles from Lake St. Clair.  I may not be near the seashore, but Michigan has the longest freshwater coastline in the US.  Our shoreline is 3,288 miles.  Our summers may be short, but boy do we know how to jam in as much fun as possible.  In my neighborhood, almost every third house has a boat of some type.  Also, numerous of families have cottages along the lake shore which happens to surround the entire state.

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Ribbon Stars Quilt

Hi Bakers!  I am Lisa Jo Girodat of Neverlandstitches and am so excited to be back on Moda Bakeshop to share another new quilt pattern.

I was absolutely thrilled to be able to make with quilt using Strawberry Jam by Corey Yoder.   This fabric line brings so many memories of when my two girls were little.  We lived in a small house with a very large back yard.  The yard was filled with fruit trees, a large vegetable garden and an even larger strawberry patch.    Once the strawberries were ripe I would send the girls out to the strawberry patch to pick berries to make homemade strawberry jam or to use for strawberry short cakes.  Most times I think they would eat more strawberries than made it into the bucket.

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Stars and Stripes Flag Quilt

Hi Bakers!  I am Lisa Jo Girodat of Neverlandstiches and am so excited to be back on Moda Bakeshop to share this new quilt pattern.

I have a confession to make…I love history!  I am such a geek! I love anything to do with history I am addicted to shows such as Vikings, The Last Kingdom, Knight Fall, anything to do with the American Revolution or Civil War.  I listen to the soundtrack from Hamilton at least once a week.  When I saw the beautiful new collection by the French General, Viva Le France I could not resist creating a quilt, which could represent an American Flag. I just love how this collection provides variations of blues and reds so that I could create almost a gradient/worn effect.

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Dec 8: Special Gift

Hello!  It’s Lisa Jo of Neverlandstiches and I am very excited to be a part of this year’s Countdown to Christmas!  The blocks are being made with a variety of red prints, solid red, solid white and low volume whites.  Below you will find the ingredients for both a 12” block and a 6” block. Continue to  check back each day between now and Christmas for a brand new block by another of the talented Bakeshop Chefs!

Today’s block is called A Special Gift.  To me, it resembles a beautifully wrapped special Christmas gift you may find under a Christmas tree. Continue reading

Stars Around Quilt

Hi there fellow Moda Bake Shop Bakers!  This is Lisa Jo Girodat of Neverlandstitches and I thrilled to join you as one of the newest chefs!

I have been sewing and making quilts for over 30 years.  I started designing my own quilts,again about 2 years ago.  About a year ago I decided to make a medallion quilt for a very special family member as a Christmas gift and I was hooked (or addicted – lol).  This summer was such a joy as so many of us sewed along with Camp Oda May’s Choose Your Own Adventure, therefore I wanted to create another medallion quilt to remind us as the dreary winter nights ascend upon us to keep our Stars Around us shining brightly.

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