Charm Pack Shuffle Quilt

Hi.  I’m Michele Kuhns from Crayon Box Quilt Studio and I’m very happy to be back at the Moda Bakeshop with my 2nd project. Like so many quilters, I love scrappy quilts I but, unlike some of you that are fine with the random “whatever I put together” look I prefer my scrappy quilts to be “planned”.  My quilts visually need to have a nice balance of colors and prints across the entire top.  The idea for this quilt was born out of a “What if” thought that popped into my head one day…..”What if” I trimmed a bit off a 4 charm squares, swapped those pieces around and then sewed them back together.  “What if” I then trimmed a bit off each of those pieces, swapped them around again and then sew those bits back together.  This fun planned scrappy quilt was the result.


Although the piecing for this quilt is Easy, I’ve rated this project as Moderate because of the “Shuffle” aspect of creating the blocks.  Careful attention to each step of the shuffling is necessary to achieve the planned scrappy look. Continue reading