Rotary Cutter Ratings

These recipes are simple and quick to put together, often no sewing involved or can be sewn up in a few hours. Easy recipes involve minimal cutting and only basic sewing/quilting skills (backstitching, edge stitching, making a quilt sandwich, precise measuring and cutting).

These recipes are slightly more difficult and/or take more than a few hours to sew together. For quilts, moderate recipes require more cutting and squaring up than easy recipes.  Moderate recipes use all of the easy level skills plus the following: matching points, using interfacing, and top stitching.


These recipes take several days to complete and involve a special skill such as embroidery, applique, paper piecing or the use of a special tool.  Ambitious quilt recipes also require extensive and careful cutting, perhaps using templates or cutting very small pieces. Be sure to read through these recipes before starting because lesser-known techniques may be part of the construction.